TheFourMillionViews ArtWork

Unfortunately The Four Million Views are not playing in the next future
due to personal reasons like child care and the little problem, most
Popmusicians have to stuggle with...who is determined to pay for
music...sorry for that and thank you for the support till now!

Meanwhile we are of course active in several projects!

Gus MacGregor is releasing his fourth solo album "Dead Horse" by 27/1/17 and will be touring!

Samuel Baur will be working  Veronika`Ndiigo, Shirley Grimes and mory samb.

Oli Hartung will be recording with Bubi Eifach and Veronika`Ndiigo and will perform together with the lyricist Rolf Hermann

Jürg Schmidhauser is working with Marc Amacher and Joe Volk